2015-2016 Meeting Schedule:


    Next general meeting!
    Wednesday, April 13 from 6 - 7:30 PM in Larrick Student Center Court End Ballroom B


    To vote for the MCV Campus SGA 2016-2017 Executive Officers, please click: https://www.pubinfo.vcu.edu/sga/mySGA_mcv.asp

    Consult the Elections tab to read candidate speeches. Email zirklekw@vcu.edu with any issues regarding voting or elections.


    For Funding Requests:

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  • The purpose of the MCV Campus Student Government Association is:


    1.   To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the five MCV Campus schools and all of those students comprising the MCV Campus Student Body of VCU.


    2.   To take action to increase the quality of student services and academic programs in order to further enhance the education of MCV Campus students.


    3.   To plan, promote and execute a variety of social, cultural and recreational events to enhance fellowship, personal growth, and enjoyment of the MCV Campus Student Body and the larger VCU community.


    4.   To address all matters concerning the best interests of the MCV Campus Student Body.


    5.   To attend to those things helping to further the goals of the MCV Campus and VCU.


    6.   To maintain a budget, within the allocated funds, to most effectively serve the MCV Campus Student Body.


    Students interested in participating in the SGA should attend a general body meeting listed on the SGA Calendar.